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If you are working in Office, possibilities are very high that there will be Local Area Network or Wireless Area Network. This is very common for business enterprises to use a sharing printer to cut down the operational cost and also to upsurge efficiency. Nowadays, several households also select to have shared printer to make the best usage of less space. However a lot of users do not know how to localize and connect to a printer on a wireless network. Read few important tips to learn how to connect to a network printer. You can take online printer technical support from world class technicians for this issue.


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  • Make sure that a shared network printer in your office or nearby area is located. In the case, printer is not shared, you should share it.
  • Click on Start button from taskbar and locate printers and devices. When you click on it, new window will open. In new window, choose printer that you want to share. Make Right click on it to open Printer properties. In following box, click on “Sharing” tab. Put a check on “Share Printer Device” box. Put a “Share Name” and note it down to instantly locate it later. Finally click on Apply option and choose OK to apply the settings.
  • Open Printers & Devices window again with assistance of Taskbar. For any issue, you can take Online Printer Technical Help immediately.
  • In this section, click on “Add a printer” button. Choosing it will let you find a printer that is much closed to you in the wireless network and add it.
  • In following window, you will see two buttons. You can either select to add a local printer or you can select a network, Bluetooth or wireless printer. Choose second button and press next option.
  • In following window, you will be asked to identify the printer that you want to connect appropriately. Click on “browser for a printer” and choose next button that will locate the adjoining printer next to you.
  • Once the search is ended, a list will be shown with all shared printers connected to your network. Choose printer you added to be shared and click on Next option. In any difficult case, you can take Printer Tech Support instantly.
  • Once you get connected with shared printer, now give a test page printed to check the connection correctly.

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