Wireless printing is the latest trend among smartphone users. The only way of benefiting more from a phone is printing documents wirelessly. Printing photos and documents using a smartphone, tablet or camera can not only enhance the accessibility but also provide an added advantage to business people to easily print as and when the work demands. Epson printer customer support helps in setting up a connection with printer and a smartphone.

Epson printers are compatible with the variety of apps and software to support wireless printing. Some of the apps are as follows:

  1. Email Print- You can directly from your email id using this app. Just install the app on your Epson printer and android phone and sync it with your email id. Or else you can directly email the document to Epson printer unique address to enable automatic printing.

  1. Epson iPrint Mobile App- This app is certainly the best for Epson printer users. If you have an Epson printer then print or scan photos, documents, invoices and other important documents from your smartphone using Dropbox, one drive, Ever-note, Google Drive or any other app using from the app store.

  1. Scan to the iCloud- You could even scan the documents directly to your iCloud. Just scan the document on your Epson printer and upload it to your online iCloud account. You can either access it through Epson printer control panel or use iPrint app which supports all storage apps.

  1. Remote Print Driver- Using your printer or laptop you can print beyond barrier hurdle. Just print from any application to a compatible and wireless printer from anywhere. Just go the file you want to print, tap on the ‘print’ command and it will be automatically printed.

  1. AirPrint- There are certain Epson printer models which support AirPrint and can print wirelessly from iPad, iPhone or iPod.

  1. Google Cloud Print- Smartphone or tablet users can print on the go with help of Google cloud print-enabled apps.




These are certain ways to print effortlessly from your phone, tablet or camera. Now no need to search for light in the darkness. Just get in touch with Epson Printer customer support and get instant help in relation to connectivity problems of Epson Printer.

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