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Samsung printers are found in many countries or states. This printer device is widely being used in offices and for large industries. In sudden cases, people facing errors as like why won’t my Samsung Printer Print wirelessly? In this blog content, we describe how to get troubleshoot this error? Below we explained what is procedure to fix an issue on a right time? As stated under



Steps for resolving Samsung Printer won’t print as wireless:

1) Need to choose a valid IP address for a particular printer device:- When you’re logged in, go to the DHCP settings on a router device. Then give a look on a Start IP address, and then give a one look on a Maximum DHCP user. Now it required to add a start number into an IP address field, with a maximum DHCP user’s number. Get ready to add 2 to it and thus, it will become a static IP address for a Samsung wireless printer. If found any error, then get to connect our techie at Samsung Printer Support Number  1-855-966-3855.

2) Configure the Samsung Printer along with its Static IP address:- In wireless printer devices, they have many chances that give weak network signals. For a quick fix, go to the printer display and into the main menu; select network settings, then need to check Samsung printer settings as wired or wireless. While to do so, check out its current IP address- the way should indicate in some way as Setup > Network > Now View the Network Settings >  after this Display Wireless Summary. If still problems persist, then make a call right away to Samsung Printer Support Phone Number and get uninterrupted services for round the clock as 24/7.

3) For a wireless settings, give a single click on IP configuration and do the following:- 

a) Firstly check its Manual setting; in a manual IP address, enter its static IP address which was generated especially for a Samsung wireless printer as e.g. Now into the manual subnet mask; enter As a finally enter into a Manual Default Gateway; type a router’s IP address such as for instance

b) Then check the Manual DNS Server. In a Manual preferred DNS server, enter and into a Manual Alternative DNS server. If a Samsung printer is failed to connect by an online as wirelessly or a printer is unable to receive the updated firmware; for this issue, avoid it and then get to leave an Automatic DNS Server that is having a setting and checked it.

c) Now save all your settings. Thus, users have complete approx. 75% fixation of your Samsung printer device.

Contact at  Printer Technical Support Phone Number TollFree 1-855-966-3855.