Brother Printer Customer

If any Brother Printer has an ‘Offline’ status, it means that you can’t connect it to other devices properly like as a desktop or laptop. When it has ‘Online’ status, it’s able to connect to other devices. So, there’s essential that your printer has the proper electric connection to get connected to other devices as it gets information from other computing devices in order to print documents. However, if your printer is listed as ‘Offline’ and you are feeling helpless because you don’t know how to operate it, then dial the Brother Printer Support Phone Number and asks for the solution to technicians.

What Do If your Brother Printer Status Is Offline

In addition, you can also try to diagnose certain reasons that encounter the same error messages, as it’s not turned on, empty toner, network connection issues or your printer not set as the default printer. Take a look at some possible causes and their solutions:

Brother Printer Turned Off

If your Brother printer is having the ‘Offline’ status, then it may not be turned on. At this stage, your computer will not identify the connection even if it’s connected via the USB cable. So, check the LCD screen of your printer, if it’s blank, means that the printer may not be powered on. You should check that the printer is properly connected to the wall outlet, have the working stage and all switches are powered on. Call on the Brother Printer customer support number, if you suppose that your printer has major technical issues.

Printer Technical Errors

Sometimes, the empty toner or paper jam errors can also prevent your printer from working. So, firstly check the LCD screen of your printer for any potential error messages. If you find any errors, try to fix them before checking its online status again. If you are unable to get rid of the possible causes, then avail the technician help at Brother Laser Printer Support number to fix them quickly.

Printer isn’t set as the Default Printer

Your printer can be ‘Offline’ in that case; it’s no set as the default on your system. If you have set it as the default printer, then you can directly send a print job request from your device by clicking on the ‘Print’ button. If it doesn’t default, it may be trying to connect to another printer. You can also make it default by changing the settings under the ‘Devices’ section of your computer. If it’s not possible for you to fix, then try to get in touch with the Brother Printer customer support specialists.

Network or USB Cable Problem

If your Brother printer has a faulty connection, then it can also show the ‘Offline’ status. In such situations, check that your printer is connected properly via the USB cable. In that case, your printer has the wireless network connection, check that it’s having the smooth internet connectivity and complete firewall protection. Also, make sure that the firewall security is not blocking the network connection that may cause your Brother printer in offline mode.


For any other query contact Printer Technical Support.