Lexmark Printer Support

Wireless printer is being widely used everywhere, as if user can easily take out the print from anywhere. Print of articles, books, images and more can be printed through the Lexmark printer.

Here, Steps for How to take a Print from AirPrint for iPhone users:

Step 1: Confirm “AirPrint” app is supported: First of all check out the iPhone features that AirPrint is compatible to connect with the lexmark printer.

If unable to get then get to Lexmark printer customer service team who guides to get it through to know its specifications.




Step 2: Configure out printer suitability: Through here, check out the printer settings that it should configure “AirPrint” features. Check out the network of iPhone must match with the printer used. Although newly Lexmark printer connected automatically, but in old one’s have to configure manually.

Step 3: Opt the “iPhone App” which will connect to the “AirPrint” feature.

Step 4: Select the item to print: Choose the item you want to take out the print. From here share it and then take out the “print”.

Step 5: Choose the Printer: From here the printers connected to the network will be visible. Users have to choose the printer from which he/she want to take out the print.

Step 6: Click “Print”: Now, click on “Print” the selected item will printed out successfully.

lexmark printer technical support

Even though, users found any kind of difficulty while connecting or printing. Here, Lexmark printer technical support provides that guidance through which user can easily get connected with the printer as well as never face any such issue in future.

For More Information Contact Printer Tech Support 1-855-966-3855.