Lexmark Printer

In the present day world, everyone is surrounded by a number of technical devices and everyone knows the world is full of technology. Today, a large part of work is done by machines and systems in each and every office. Printers are one of the most used devices along with computers at a working place. There are a large number of brands of printers available in the market and each model of a print machine has its own use.

Lexmark Printer is one of these printer’s brands that offers reliable print machines to its users. These print machines contain a memory chip that stores different errors and all maintenance related information. It also stores ink cartridge levels. Sometimes, when you change an ink cartridge, print machine’s LCD screen or a maintenance application on your PC will show you wrong ink levels. Therefore, you need to fix this error of your print machine. Whenever you face such issue, you need to perform a power cycle that will help you in resetting an ink cartridge memory.

Today, we are describing some essential steps that will help you in resetting the ink cartridge memory of your print machine. In case, these steps don’t work fruitfully for you or you face troubles in following these steps then get in touch with Lexmark Printer Support team to converse with an expert.

Steps to follow:

  • Turn off your print machine and take out a cable connected to a power source.
  • Once you do so then wait for a minute until it allows ink cartridge memory to reset.
  • After completing this process, plug in its cable to a power source and turn on your printing machine.
  • Now match the ink levels to verify that they are accurate. Depends on your Lexmark Printer model you use, you can do this print machine’s LCD screen or by opening your print machine monitoring program on your PC.
  • You can also find this software on your Desktop taskbar or you can visit “Start” menu.




These are few steps that can be utilized to reset Ink Cartridge memory of your device. If you have some other printing issues with your device then make a call on Lexmark Support Contact Number 1-855-966-3855.


For more information contact Printer Tech Support Experts.