Paper Jam is a general and frequent problem that obstructs your work and assignments. If you buy a new advance brother printer but your printer can get trapped because of jamming of a paper. A user need to get help for such type of printer technical problems.

There are following steps to solve paper jam issues:

  • You need to clean the paper jam after switch printer to reduce the possibility of damage your printer. It would be beneficial to unplug printer form power supply
  • Take all of your printer from paper head after open major cover of the printer. Printer head is the main part of the inkjet and laser printer  that release ink on the paper from the attached carriage. If Your printer strikes against the printer head, then it would not move to one side.
  • Just hold the paper and try to pull in a slow way, but your printer must not slash and avoid pulling forcefully. So be careful to pull the printer slowly by tugging from left to right ends.
  • If your paper is still jammed in the printer, then you should follow instructions manually of your printer. Brother Printer Support is also a  good option to get help for your paper jam issues.



If your printer is not working properly and responding, then Brother Printer Customer Service @1-855-966-3855 team is always ready to provide you the best support for all kinds of printer problems.

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