Samsung printers are easy to setup install and use. If you are from a technical background you can easily setup the printer and if you are not we will tell you how to do that and if still, you are having any issue, Samsung Printer Tech Support team is always there to assist you on any issue.


Let’s take a Samsung multi function color laser printer to install.  This device is equipped with near field communication technology to easily and wirelessly connect mobile devices to the printer. It prints up to 18 pages per minute black & white and up to four pages per minute in color. It is equipped with Wi-Fi. If you need more information on how to connect it with WI-FI just call us at Samsung Printer Customer Service Number. You get a guide to set up and you also get the wireless network quick guide that describes how to connect the printer to a computer wirelessly. You get an important software CD which is going to contain the drivers. You get a regular power cable and a USB cable to connect this to the computer a lot of printers won’t come with a USB cable and you’ll have to go and buy it separately.


The next step is preparing the toner cartridges.

Those are already inside the printer we open it up and the manual tells you to take out each cartridge shake it carefully and put it back in. Once you’re done shaking all four cartridges those are already ready to go, close the door. The next step is loading the paper once again very easy to pull out. it’s always going to stick out a little bit so that you can see if there is still some paper inside the unit. This is already adjusted for A4 size. If it’s not adjusted or you want to use a different format you will have to adjust it. If you need any support at this point don’t hesitate to ask our Samsung Printer Tech Support Phone Number. Now, you simply connect the printer to the mains power. Now that the power is connected you can push the power button over here and let the system initialize. To install the software insert the disc that has the drivers on your computer. If you don’t have a disk drive in your computer we can also download the software for you. Let us know by calling at  Samsung Printer Tech Support Number.


samsung-printer-technical-support -number


Execute the setup. Its easy however if you feel any difficulty call us at Samsung Printer Customer Service Phone Number
Next, check the box in the lower left corner and press Continue.
You can now select how you want to connect the printer to your computer.
You can go with standard USB connection or via Wi-Fi.
Windows will ask you if you want to install drivers, get rid of that message.
Click on continue. You can now select what you want to install and we recommend you checking this list carefully to make sure that you don’t get any junk ware installed once you’ve made your selection, press Continue.
The setup is now installing the drivers and all the other selected programs.
Once everything is done you can select to print a test page.
If the test page printed successfully you are done and if not call us at Samsung Printer Customer Support Phone Number to install all your drivers quickly.

For Any Other Query Contact Printer Tech Support.