Ricoh Printer toner cartridge errors may be due to various reasons. Some of these errors might frustrate you, especially when you need the printouts urgently.

Some of the errors are discussed below:
  • Defective Toner Cartridge
  • Improperly Seated Laser Cartridge
  • Leaking Cartridge
  • Improperly Loaded Paper
  • Full Waste Bin

Defective Toner Cartridge
If you are facing the problem of blank pages, or thin and dark vertical lines on your printouts, then your toner might need a replacement. You should always go for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) toner cartridges in order to avoid further issues.

Improperly Seated Laser Cartridge
If your laser cartridge is not seated properly, you will face repetitive defects or horizontal lines on your printed documents. In that case you need to reposition your cartridge at its proper place.

Leaking Cartridge
The marks on the back of the printed page indicate that your printer cartridge is leaking. You need to check the problem for normal functioning of the printer.

Improperly Loaded Paper
Before loading the paper, you need to hold the stack of paper, and then tap it to make the stack even on all sides. Ensure that the paper adjusters on the tray are positioned in a right manner. Push the stack of paper into the tray until it stops. Never try to force the paper too far in the tray.

Full Waste Bin
If you are facing irregularly shaped spots or stains on your printouts, then your cartridge’s waste bin might be full. In that case you need to clear the waste bin.

Toner produces a fine, black dust that can be harmful for your lungs, so you need to be careful while cleaning or replacing the cartridge.


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