Print head problem and Ink System failure is very common problem with HP printers in all series of it. You might see Print head, printer failure ad ink system failure message with numeric code. For more brief description you can dial a toll-free HP printer support phone number. Some numeric error codes begin with “Ox” or some “B”.


Print head problem and Ink system failure occurs mainly occurs due to the excessive use of printer and carelessness. In the growing technology market we cannot ignore printers especially HP printers. HP printer has created a wide market all over the world. But with advantages there are always some draw backs and the above issues are one of them. There are other several issues that also hampers user’s job in a mean time. But the above issues are very common issues, which have simple easy steps, but needs to be performed with the guidance of expertise. Otherwise the situation can become worse with unbearable technical problems.


To fix Print head problem and Ink System failure, remove the ink cartridges and examine them for any sign of leaks. If any cartridges have leaks, contact HP printer technical support phone number +1-855-966-3855. Do not use cartridges that are leaking. If there are no leaks, try to re-install cartridges and close the printer cover. Turn the printer off then on again. If you get this message a second time, contact Printer Tech Support | Hp Printer Tech Support | Printer Technical Support .