Its strange that if we want to access the mail or internet then it is not necessary to carry your computer always as laptops, palmtops, tablets and devices like mobile phones have taken its place that are portable and easy to carry, but to print, scan r copy any document we have to head back to our office or home, as printer is kept there only and we cannot carry the printer. But what if we are in urgent need and do not have enough time to go back to the home or office just to take out the print. Well, this is a big and common issue usually faced by the users and HP OfficeJet 250 proved a boon. HP OfficeJet 250 is a portable, tiny and colored inkjet multi function printer that meets the requirements of users. Alike Smartphone or mobile phone it has touch-screen, wireless and Bluetooth networking and a lithium-ion battery.

DesignHP OfficeJet 250

HP has introduced a multi-function printer, designed with usual matte-black plastic. A lid to keep the dust away from the paper feeds and when open makes a 50-page input tray that seems sturdy. Being a portable printer there is no output tray but the printed paper can easily be come out onto the carpet and car seat.

Some necessary details that needs to be considered:

Into the printer’s body the touch-screen can be clicked or raised down.HP OfficeJet 250 is on a mechanism hinge, and as double as the perfect damper.Its easy to set the paper size automatically whenever you adjust the paper guides, it’s a simple way to save the time.The touch-screen is designed keeping the excellent standard of HP in mind, it responds well to drag gestures, tap and allows the user to create shortcuts to used the features.


Full size multi function printers are better and faster but HP OfficeJet 250 is also a proficient. It has the ability to manage 10.5 page per minute on mono text test and rises 13.4 ppm in draft mode. It was fairer to quickly print the complicated color graphic test that is 3.7ppm and slower on battery power produces black text that is 9.7ppm.

Scans A4 paper and took photos on a slight curve after passing through. The MPF is able to print A4 mono copy in 21 seconds and a color page in 24 seconds. It can even print 300dpi A4 scan at 34 seconds, and a 600dpi, 6 x 4in photo scan at 49 seconds.

It has been reviewed that the portable printers uses little and expensive cartridges but HP OfficeJet 250 uses the black cartridge that has the ability to print 600 sheets and a tri-color cartridge that prints 415 sheets. It seems more reasonable when it comes to a convenient printing.


It is an all rounder performer and a great MPF to work with. Besides, it is considered to be the best choice for the users who needs print outs on the regular basis. Cheap, useful and portable this HP OfficeJet 250 Printer has become the first choice of the users.

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