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You can use printer directly connecting with your computer but for allowing the access to multiple computers you have to share the printer either through network or via USB. Sharing printer through USB is more convenient and involves less cost compare to network sharing. To know the right process of sharing USB printer read the steps given below.


Open Control Panel Settings


To share your printers go to control panel and open printer settings, where you will find an option for sharing. Make sure you have already installed printer in your computer that you want to share otherwise it would be not possible to share a printer. To install a printer you can take help of HP Printer Tech Support for wireless online help.


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Enable Share Printer Option


Now enable the “share printer” option by selecting the checkbox that will help you to share your printer on network. If this option is already enabled then you can go to next option and change advance setting to customize the sharing process.


Name the Printer You Want to Share


Before you allow sharing your printer enter a unique name to your printer, as this name allows other users to easily search on network but keep the naming letters to eight letters only and avoid using spaces and characters. To perform this activity you can get Dell Printer Setup Support and rename your printer for sharing with others.


Install Drivers to Other Computers


f other computers connected on network running at low version of operating system you have to select additional drivers to install printer driver on other computers. This process helps users to save the time from downloading and installing drivers separately on other computers. Brother Printer Driver Support is also available to provide online help.


Configure Settings on other Computers


Now you have to follow the same steps to use same printer settings on the other computers. Add printer and select network printer that will search the network printers, and if you not found then choose “the printer I want in not listed. Browse for the printers and the computer that is attached to USB printer. Select the plus sign to expand and then select the printers to find the computer that connected to the USB printer.


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