An HP Photosmart printer is a wonderful device which let your print excellent and high quality photo print-outs. However like any other device it is susceptible to software problems and error messages. Very commonly these errors messages are about printer ink cartridges and other printing errors. You can resolve many of these printing issues by resetting your HP Photosmart printer. The best way to reset an HP Photosmart printer is to completely disconnect it from the power source or by restoring the printer to its factory settings. Read further to learn how to reset an HP Photosmart Printer. Alternatively you can also consult our HP Printer Tech Support experts to get a detailed guidance on this topic.



Disconnect the USB cable from the printer
Check if your HP Photosmart printer is switched on and remove the USB cable from the back of the printer.
Remove the printer cartridges
Open the cover of your HP printer and take out the ink cartridges. Close the cover of the printer and wait for the, “Insert Ink Cartridges” message to appear on the display on-screen.
Disconnect the power cable
Remove the power cable from the back of the printer and wait for five minutes before reconnecting the power cable to the printer.
Switch on the printer
Wait for the printer to automatically switch on. If it doesn’t power on automatically, press the Power switch.
Reconnect the USB Cable
Open the printer cover and insert ink cartridges. Now close the cover and connect the USB cable to the back of the printer. This way your HP Photosmart printer will be reset.
Restore Factory Settings
You can also try resetting the printer by restoring the factory settings of the printer. Press the Menu switch on the printer and use the arrows keys to locate, “Restore factory defaults” option. Selecting this option will restore the original factory settings of the printer, hence resetting it in the process.
In this way you will be able to rest an HP Photosmart Printer. You can also contact our HP Printer Support Phone Number 1-855-966-3855 for any issue regarding HP printer.