Sometimes, the user need to reset the refill kit to re-new the ink cartridges. There are some advanced cartridges that work without resetting, but several printers will require a hard reset to recognize the printer ink cartridges and reset the ink level to read full pop-up ink level window. The amateur users can take the help of EPSON Customer Support  to troubleshoot the problems occuring in the printer.

How To Troubleshoot The EPSON Printer


Step 1: In the first step, turn the ink cartridge upside, so you can see the contacts clearly. Now, turn the ink cartridge upwards to check the copper links that appear in the bottom side. Dial the EPSON Customer Support Number (1-855-966-3855) if you are not confident to replace the ink cartridge on your own.

Step 2: Now, firmly place tape on the up side in the 2nd row of the ink cartridge (From the left side). This will be the 7th copper contact, now place the ink cartridge again in the printer and run the alignment.

Step 3: Next, remove the ink cartridge once the alignment is complete and leave the contact with the tape. Now, place the tape on the top of the contact from the 2nd row (From the right side). This is the 6th copper contact and replace this ink cartridge with the printer’s run alignment page.

Step 4: After this you need to replace the cartridge with the 2nd alignment and replace both the tape pieces and ensure that you have removed the left over adhesive.

Step 5: Finally, you need to replace the ink cartridge again in the printer panel. The printer connected to the PC will now display a window message displaying the ink level as full.

For More Contact Printer Technical Support Service.