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On many occasions, we find ourselves struggling with printer ink spilled on our documents or pages. Printer ink is tenacious in nature as it bonds with paper fibers or sink deeper into the paper. Generally we throw the paper if the ink gets spilled on it, however if it is an important document or part of notebook, we tend to save the paper. It is then we look for different means to remove printer ink. Read further to learn how to remove ink from Laserjet-Printed paper. You can also consult our HP Printer Support experts to get detailed guidance on this topic.




Apply acetone with a cotton ball to smudge the ink

By the time ink is ejected on the paper, laser printers fuse the ink to the fibers of the paper making ink dry and bonded to the paper. Acetone, which is easily available as nail polish remover can be used to dissolve some parts of ink into liquid again. However this is not a perfect method but the paper can be used again with very little greying or smudging visible on the paper. Keep in mind to carefully use the acetone as it is flammable and can injure your eyes or skin.

Rub the acetone with issue paper

Rubbing acetone on ink increases the amount ink removed but it would still leave a part of ink as a grey smudge. Use a tissue paper and rub the affected area once. Keep in mind not to additionally rub the area as it will tear the paper otherwise you can contact to Epson Printer Support expert for further details.
Use ultrasonic machine

If you have means available, you can try an ultrasonic machine which uses high-frequency sound waves to whisk contaminants and break them from the surfaces. Even though this method would remove more ink but it would still not make paper appear as new.

Use whiteout

When the above mentioned methods fail, you can always try using whiteout. However this may leave a visibly raised white surface on paper but once the paper is dry, it can be used again.
In this way you will be able to remove ink from a Laserjet-printed paper. For any issue regarding your printer, contact our  Printer Technical Support Number 1-855-966-3855.