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If you buy a computer, chances are high that you will need a printer soon. Nobody wants to look for a stationary shop or internet café to get an urgent print out. Having a printer in the comfort of your home gives you the freedom of taking out prints whenever you need. So if you have bought a printer especially from a reputed company like Dell, you can easily install it by connecting the printer to the system. However if you are facing trouble installing your Dell printer, here is a quick guide to help you.
Step 1:- Before you start installing your printer, first of all you need to determine whether your printer supports a USB cable, LPT cable or serial (com) ports. If required technical help, you should contact at Online Dell Printer Tech Support.

Step 2:- Now once you know what type of cable your printer supports, you have to determine the type of cable you will require for the installation. A com will either be a DB9 or DB25 which means the plug in to your printer will resemble the letter D and will have 9 or 25 pins in it. An LPT cable or serial port will look like a big D with paired set of gold plates towards the center.  A USB is smaller in size and appear as a D.
Step 3:- Check your printer and find out its model number. Also look for Service Tag #. Write these both down for future use.
Step 4:- Now take a test print by holding down the ready button and switching on the power button of the printer. Press the ready button for few moments and then release it. Most of the printers give out a test print by implementing this method. If you feel any kind of inconvenience, you need to call at Dell Printer Tech Support phone number 1-855-966-3855.

Dell Printer Support
Step 5:- The next step involves connecting the cables. If you are using Serial ports and LPTs you will need your computer system to perform this. Once connected power on the printer first and then switch on your computer. If your computer will recognize the printer it will ask if you want to install it. Click on yes.
Step 6:- Your computer will automatically look out for printer drivers. In case, your PC couldn’t find appropriate drivers, use the disks that accompanied the printer at the time of sale.
Step 7:- If you don’t have printer driver disks, you can locate your printer drivers online from the printer manufacturer’s site and install drivers from there.
Step 8:- If everything goes fine with the driver installation, your printer will be ready for the printing in few minutes.
If these steps fail to help you in the installation process of your printer, you should take the professional help from online Dell Printer Tech Experts.

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