Samsung Scanning error:

This error message is essentially a hardware error. Due to poor quality of the cables, large data needed by the scanner cannot be transmitted. You can replace the USB cable and try again.

Paper jam error:

This happens when the paper is stuck in your Printer. Open up your printer and check for any jammed paper.

If you can’t see any, you need to check the sensor located beside the exit rollers. Maybe it has been knocked and is in the incorrect position, or is damaged. If nothing works, try replacing it with a new sensor.

Square prints issue:samsung printer driver update

Sometimes your Printermay print out squares instead of regular text.

It can happen if you are using Firefox or printing content from sites which do not recognize the font used in the text.

To fix this problem you will need to reinstall all relevant drivers. If this doesn’t help then visit the printers and faxes folder, select your printer and choose the properties. Choose the Advanced option in the dialog box and select the print processor. Choose a different mode of graphics and try testing a page for printing.

Missing print:

Sometimes, a portion of your page could be devoid of print. It can happen because of incorrect paper size configuration. Check the settings and try again.

Media tray empty:

Sometimes even if the tray is loaded with paper you could be getting this error message on your Printer. Try updating the drivers by visiting the Samsung site. This should rectify issues.

Toner light still on:

After replacing the toner cartridge you might still find the toner light is switched on continually. You need to check the fuse located on the front side of the cartridge. You could try replacing this with a 50 mA one.

This error usually occurs in the Samsung SCX-4216F.

Error code: H2:

This error code indicates that there is a problem with the fuser warming up. Make sure all the cables are connected.

Error code: 24:

This error code indicates that there is too much data which is overloading the printer memory.

You can select the ‘continue’ button or try reducing the amount of print jobs. You could also try adding more memory to the printer (usually helpful for colour printers to speed them up).

Error code: 50:

This indicates a malfunction in the fuser. It means the fuser is not heating up. Try switching off your Samsung Laser Printer for around 15 minutes and then switch it on again. In case this does not solve the problem, it could indicate a fault in the fuser assembly or in the power supply.

Error code: 16:

This error code means that the toner is low. That means the distribution of the toner inside the cartridge is inadequate. You need to take out the cartridge and shake it back and front gently. If this does not work try replacing the cartridge. You could also try cleaning the contacts.

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