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HP LaserJet printer has stopped working then it may probably display an error message on the screen. Such error messages can help you to easily diagnose and Repair HP LaserJet Printer Error. Various models have slightly different description for the HP LaserJet Printer Error, but the troubleshooting tips are generally the same and are highly useful.

Few Common HP LaserJet Printer Error Messages

Many of the HP LaserJet Printer Error messages are common to execute, whether it’s old and new. Among them, an error such as 11 – Paper Out error is the most common type of error and may seems to be fairly self-explanatory section but could actually be the result of something else. Well, have a look on below HP LaserJet printer errors:

HP Error1: Code 02 Warming Up

Explanation: This is a common error associated with the printer cable or may be even due to driver issues.

Solution: Turn off the printer and then remove the printer cable (USB or I/O cable) carefully and then turn it back on again. If the printer instructs a message by saying “Ready” then, first update the driver.  If error code still persists, then there may be a hardware issues.

HP Error 2: Code 10 – Supplies Memory Error

Explanation: This is a problem with the HP toner cartridge chip which is incapable to read. This is a kind of electronic information on the print cartridge.

Solution: Try resetting the printer by simply turning it on and off. If this doesn’t work out then, remove and reinstall the cartridge or one may even replace it. If it still doesn’t works out then, there is definitely a hardware issue.

HP Error 3: Code11 – Paper Out

Explanation: If the printer isn’t out of paper then, this probably indicates that there’s an issue with the paper tray or even with the paper sensor.

Solution: Make sure that the printer is in a complete flat surface. Check for the paper trays for any kind of damage and clean it right away. If not resolved then, just check out the paper sensor or one can even clean out the opto-sensor feature in the Laser printer.

HP Error 4: Code12 – Open or No EP

Explanation: If the printer does have a toner cartridge installed in an accurate manner, this means either your cover is open or you may even have a defective cooling fans.

Solution: Check for all the toners whether they are installed accurately and that all the covers are closed in a proper manner or not.


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