The HP Color LaserJet Printer is renowned for its high quality printing features which prints in a fast speed of approximately 20ppm and resolution of approximately 600×600 dpi. By working with the toner cartridges in CMYK colors, it is widely preferred by small offices to cater the printing needs as and when required by them.

Several Color Printing Issues may arise with the HP Color LaserJet Printer especially when a part of it is defective or even when it lacks routine maintenance. But users don’t need to worry about it as our HP Printer Technical Support Phone Number technicians have found various solutions to fix few common errors with appropriate solution.


Steps to Fix Printing Issues of HP Color LaserJet Printer

 Error 1: Missing colors

The CMYK colors are known as basic colors used to define many other colors while printing any graphic. But these colors may be missing. So, what may be the causes and solution to it?

Common Causes:

  • A defective toner cartridge
  • A wide number of dirty electrical connectors.


  • Cleaning is required for the electrical connectors by wiping it off with nonabrasive cloth.
  • A team of HP Printer Tech Support professionals have suggested users to reset the toner cartridges.
  • Check for if the nozzles are clogged or not? To unclog it, you need to dip the print-head in a bowl of warm water as well as isopropyl alcohol solution for a few seconds.

Error 2: Misaligned colors

Another inconvenient issue with the HP printer is that of not able to get the right kind of printing results because of the possible misalignment of the color page. This is a total waste of toner and paper supply and yes of-course the time as well.


  • Defective or dirty transfer belt
  • Defective or dirty scanner window


  • Replacement or else cleaning of the transfer belt is necessary. Since the transfer belt is highly responsible for toner collection, it is possible that it may turn into too dirty or even already may wear out.
  • The next solution will ask you to replace as well as clean the scanner window properly.

Error 3: Mismatched colors

Another common HP color printing issues is “mis-matched colors”.


Due to un-matching colors of a printer, it is surely possible that printout quality is affected.


  • Execute a full color calibration process occasionally to ensure that the printer is working in a good color printing condition.
  • Customization of the color setting and adjusting the resolution is necessary in this error.


Printing with HP printers is a fun to have but technical issues can happen anytime. So, in that case we encourage users to get in touch with our HP Printer Customer Support professionals and resolve their headache now!

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