Selecting a home printer can be tricky, if given so many options, the evaluation can complicate the process if we put so many things in our mind. Instead, it’s better first we analyses our need and take a right decision to buy a printer. While you determine you must keep all factors in your mind, such as your usage of color and black and white print-ing, scanning and wireless connectivity, once you analyze it, check the features accordingly before you buy. We are elaborating different kinds of best Canon Printers that may cater your need.


1- Inkjet or laser printer
Color inkjet printers is flooded in the market because they can print bulk printing job, the printers can print anything, pie chart, graphs, picture, however, pictures are not that sharp as laser printers, they seems glossy and gloomy. Compare to laser printer they are slower, and sometime more costly. On contrast, laser printer can print large volume of text, quickly reliable and cheap. However the printing cost May little less, but cost of toner can considerably high. If you have to print lot of pages at less time, then laser printer is best bet so far.

2- All in one printer
All in one printer comprise of laser and inkjet printer in one set up, that encompass printer, copier, scanner, and fax. Although, you may not need all the functions, buying it a way cheaper than buying a standalone scanner, it will fit into the any corner of your room, it is perfect for the home purpose.

3- Photo Printer
If you are a photogenic then surely photo printer is highly recommended for you, even if your work allows you for preserve multiple pictures then you must select photo printer, the printer quality is much better than its rivals, Most printers sold only for dedicated photo or graphic use are either small-size (printing photos up to 4 x 6 inches), or wide format, printing on media up to 24-inches wide. Supplies for these specialty printers are normally more costly than those for the distinctive multifunction printer. And many all-in-one devices are quite proficient of turning out photos up to 8.5 x 11 inches when you use the right paper.

Other features
Printer supply cost- while you take the purchase decision of printers, keep in mind about additional cost associated with it. Research the cost of supply before you purchase a new printer, such as cartridges, toner and refilling expenses. That can cost less than buying new cartridges.
Two side printing- two side printing is not common but it’s a big advantage, duplexing is printing and scanning both sides of pages without flipping the paper manually. If your works required lot of page flipping work, make sure you buy a printers with this features.
Network and wireless connectivity Today most of the printing device offers multiple connectivity options, however, USB was stand-alone connecting cable since long. Although it’s a most reliable and trustworthy sources, but at this time when you require to connect multiple devices in printer, you need a wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. Many even offer one-button wireless setup (if the router it’s being connected to supports it), making network pairing a snap. A new option called Wi-Fi Direct lets you connect the printer to a laptop that supports it, without having to connect the printer to a network first.
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