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The drum in your Brother Printer work along with the toner, transfer belt and roller to imprint the electronic component of your document into a paper piece. Just like another part of the device, the drum eventually needs to be replaced. Usually, people hired a technician to do this task and they cost a lot for this simple job. Now with the help of our technical expert at Brother Printer Technical Support, we came up with the instruction to change the element in a Brother Printer. This device has an indicator light that informs you that when it needs to be replaced.

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To accomplish this task, you will require few things such as Latex Gloves and rage.

Following are the steps:

Step1- Initially, you have to put on latex gloves to protect your hands. Now turn on the device. Then open the front cover.

Step2- Thereafter, locates a cloth or rag next to your printer. Now pull the drum/toner cartridge slowly from the unit. Afterward, locate the cartridge on the rag.

Step3- At this step, you have to push down on the green lever on the cartridge to free the toner portion from the drum. Now throw away the old one.

Step4- Now unpack the new drum assembly, place the toner cartridge into the new one unit until the time you hear the cartridge click in place. The green lever will lock in an upright position. Notice that the ink will only fit into it in one direction.

Step5- Later on, you have to locate the cartridge slowly into the printer. Now you have to press and hold the white button on the left side of the printer’s frame by the drum assembly for four seconds. The light on the device will illuminate one by one.

Step6- At the last step, you have to release the button once all four light illuminate. The drum counter is now reset close the front cover.

If you will be confused in any step then take assistance from our technical expert at Printer Technical Support 1-855-966-3855.