Well, the concept of inkjet printing is originated in the 20th century and technology take place in the 1950’s, it is a type of computer printing that makes a digital copy or images by compelling of ink onto paper, plastic or other substrates and it is true that most using printer type are also inkjet printers.


How inkjet printers do works?

Inkjet printers are most trust able printers among people because they used it to print newsletter, photos, invoice, form and many others things which are printable even they used for small business too. But have you ever think about its function, answer is negative.

Generally, in an inkjet printer, ink is nourished in thousands of little drops in the printed head from the cartridge, these are heated rapidly by a tiny controller, which is the reason it takes a form of a bubble. Then, these bubbles do their job (print document) by helping of a nozzle. Now you are able to print it.

Where should you contact for fix it?

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