Lexmark Printer Support

Do you have a Lexmark printer that has stopped working suddenly despite that it has always worked fine? You might have shifted your computer and printer to another location, but while setting them back the latter (printer) may face a hitch and refuse to work. If you have tried all the possible fixes such as uninstallation, reinstallation etc., but nothing seems to work, giving you the “Problem communicating with the printer” error when you try to print, it is probably due to faulty cable or corrupt settings, or other reason. Check the steps given below and fix the “Problem communicating with the printer” error to start printing again.



Step 1: Check your cable connections

Check your printer cables and their connections with your computer and the power outlet. These include the power cable and USB cable of the printer. Power off the Lexmark printer and unplug its power cable from the power outlet (and from its power port) and the USB cable from the computer (and the printer itself). Wait for a few seconds and then properly reseat the USB cable first and then the power cable. Make sure that both the cables cliché properly in the respective ports. Turn on the printer now. If it works fine, your problem is fixed. If the error continues, then unplug any other peripheral like scanner, switchbox, or hub etc. connected to your Lexmark printer and then check again if it works fine or not. If the printer does work fine, update drivers of the troubling hardware to prevent the error from cropping up again. Other devices can sometimes cause communication problems between the computer and printer.

P.S. If yours is a Wi-Fi printer, simply unplug its power cable from its power port and from the power outlet also.

Step 2: Reattach the power cord supply

If the above workaround did not fix the error, remove the power supply cord again and reattach it to the printer. Immediately after the connection, the printer shall make a noise. If you are using a parallel port, verify that your computer is set up for bi-directional communications. If the bi-directional communication is not setup on your computer, then follow the steps given below and set it to either bi-directional or ECP:

Right click on My Computer >Properties>Hardware.
Click Device Manager and then click on Ports (COM & LPT).
Now look for ECP Printer Port (LPT1) and enable it.
Step 3:

Provided that the problem persists, click “Start>Settings>Printers>Lexmark object> Properties” and further click on the Details tab. Under Print to the following port, it should say LPT1 for parallel cables and USB Lexmark or USB00x ( = 1-9) for USB cables. You can change the values accordingly and click Apply, then press OK.
Make sure that the Lexmark printer is set as default. If not, right-click on it and select the default option.

Step 4:

If you still receive the error after checking all the connections thoroughly there might be a hardware problem. To fix the issue you need to perform a self-test on the printer. Click Start a New Search above this solution and enter self test in the search field.


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