The HP Laser printer paper out error 11 occurs due to wide variety of reasons like empty paper tray issues, improperly placed paper trays, broken sensor arm, defective tray size configuration issues. These are few reasons why users come across this error while working with the HP Laser printers. To resolve the matter, we have discussed few convincing solutions to fix HP Laser Printer Paper Out Error 11 issue that will help you in resolving the problem faster. 

Steps to troubleshoot HP Laser Printer paper out error 11


Step 1: Make use of sharp tool to solve the error

  • Before moving onto this step, users should know that due to excessive buildup of toner on the edges of the tray which may cause a drastic slide into the printer is related to this error.
  • So, in order to resolve this, make use of a sharp tool, like a razor blade to scratch the buildup off these edges smoothly.

Step 2: Check the sensor arm

  • Perform a check for the free movement of the sensor arm to solve the matter faster. The sensor flag may easily get knocked out of its original place at the time of a paper jam issue and the tray will pull out abruptly.
  • So, here there is nothing to be worried about because most of the times, this issue can be solved by reinstallation process. If it’s broken, users need to replace the sensor flag carefully.

Step 3: Check the trays proper to make sure that they are not damaged

  • You will find that most of the trays come with tabs that are often damaged due to the allocation of series of switches at the time of installation.
  • To solve the error make sure to verify that all of your tabs aren’t damaged and tray switches are accurately located in the printer.
  • Press these by hand and then click on the option. The connection of the micro switch will get bent needs to be replaced.
  • Verify the configuration with the help of menus on the printer.

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