Epson printers gain a lot of popularity in the marketplace by giving the finest and excellent functionality. However, sometimes users experience the C363b Error with Espon Printer printers while installing or updating printer driver. So when an Epson printer workforce 610 driver C363b Error has occurred. The users do not require worrying about it. In fact, the users can easily Fix Epson Printer Driver C363b Error, by just pursuing some steps or procedure.


Solutions to Fix Epson Printer Driver C363b Error :-

Step 1: – Manually Update Drivers

You should try to update the driver for the printer. Follow these steps to do this.

  • First, open the windows control panel or press key “Windows” key and “X” to open control panel.
  • Choose the “Device Manager” option of seeing the smaller icons
  • Then there finds the Epson printer to update the driver.
  • Now right click on the device, and then choose “Update driver software” option.
  • Then a pop-up window will appear and you will see the two different options.
  • Next, select the first option “Search automatically for the updated driver software”, that is recommended by experts. Follow the steps of installing drivers.
  • Make sure, if the driver files are available on your operating system, then go and choose the second option of “Browse my computer for the driver software”

Now an Epson printer workforce 610 driver C363 updating process has been completed.

Solution 2: – Turn of the Printer

You should try to turn the power off and then on to your Epson Printer. Make sure when you push the power button does a warning display on the printer screen about “Saved fax data/ received will be deleted?”, then you should press on “YES” option and the “OK” button.

Hope this solution will help to fix this error.



Still, if you are facing the same Epson Printer WF 610 Driver C363b error, after following the above steps, then you can connect with Printer Tech Support | Printer Customer Support team for resolution.