Paper stuck very often while taking out prints become problematic when you need urgent printouts and your Dell printer jammed with sheet of paper inside the roller. Though, the paper jam issue is very common among the users across the globe, but not every time.
When paper jam happens few Dell printers indicate through light or make noise. To remove the piece of paper from your Dell printer you can take help of user guide or take help from printer experts. Right now here below you can find few steps to fix and avoid printer paper jam issues.




Switch-off Your Printer 
Before you touch any internal part in your printer, turn off it to avoid any mishaps, mainly due to electricity supply. And laser printer are overheated that can harm you if you not careful. Paper in laser printer stuck near fuser which generate additional heat, and risk to touch any part around it. Wait for a while till temperature cools down and you not face any harm while touch it. Once it’s cool down you have to open the printer.

Open Paper Path Door 
To remove the paper from printer you have to open all doors tending towards the path of paper. If you don’t have idea from which door to start, you can start by opening the paper input tray and following the paper path towards the output tray by exposing every door that you find on the way. If you face any kind of technical issues, you can call to to fix the paper jam issue of your Dell printer with safety.

Pull Out Paper Sheet

Now use your bare hand to pull out sheets and other torn pieces that will again create obstruction while printing next document. To remove paper hold and pull paper carefully in the favorable direction and avoid pulling backward which can affect the Dell printer mechanism. Carefully find and remove every single piece of paper or other scrap materials. If you can’t find the paper or facing a problem to do this task, then call to Dell printer customer support and take help by professional technicians working for Dell PC.


Restart Your Printer Again
After removing paper from your Dell printer, close all the doors you opened to clear-out jammed paper sheets. Now restart your printer, align paper properly in tray to get uninterrupted print-out. Make sure you have closed all the doors or any other parts, though Dell printers show indication of such activities, to inform the user.  If your problem still not solved and again you are facing paper jam issue, then dial Dell printer support number 1-855-966-3855 and call the technician who will diagnosis the actual problem and solve permanently.


If Problems still exist contact Our Printer Technical Support experts.