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When it comes to office device management, anything that allows your business to operate more efficiently is literally priceless. Samsung Printing’s Smart UX Center – the industry’s first Android CTS-certified UX– coupled with Samsung’s recently launched Printing App Center 2.0, provide unparalleled customization options that enable users to tailor their usage needs with precision.


As the age-old expression rightly claims, “time is money.” And that’s what makes Samsung’s innovative printing solutions the perfect remedy for any business. Greater customization puts IT admins in greater-control of your company’s printing network, resulting in less downtime and increased output.


Customize Printing, Your Way


With over 34 apps and more than 14 widgets available for download to meet all your business needs, Samsung’s Smart UX Center offers IT admins unmatched flexibility to control and optimize their printing netwo


Because Smart UX Center’s UI and customization options are akin to using a smartphone, its ease-of-use is not simply for tech-savvy admins, but for regular users as well. Anyone who can download an app and run it on a smartphone, can easily do the same with Smart UX.


Samsung’s smart widget Copy Customizer allows users to save frequently used copy settings and hide unused functions – saving time by simplifying both the workflow and the UI.


For even further customization, network admins can download and install the Scan Customizer smart widget to ensure that an intuitive array of preset options, such as custom file size, color, and file save type, are easily accessible to increase speed and cut down on unnecessary settings adjustments.


The Ultimate Printing Portal

Businesses currently utilizing Samsung’s Printing App Center 2.0 already know that users get far greater functionality than printing ecosystems of the past. Samsung’s App Center 2.0 provides ITDMs with a portal that’s able to browse and download dozens of apps and widgets, all with the simple press of a button. This can be accomplished either on the printer itself or on the PC.

New apps and widgets are constantly being developed and Samsung provides on-going updates and support for existing Apps and widgets. This means that your business will have ever-greater access to new and exciting apps – developed in-house and by 3rd parties – that provide your enterprise’s print network with the cutting-edge tools it needs to optimize business output.


Making Printing Smarter

Samsung’s Smart UX Center and Printing App Center 2.0 boost productivity and provide customized printing solutions for all users of your printer network. With an intuitive, Android-powered UI and enhanced remote capabilities, Samsung will enable your business to take full control of its print network. This revolutionary ecosystem is your portal to seamless workflow that is both secure and user-friendly.


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