Certain Canon Printers have the feature, which enables them to get connected to your desktop or laptop through USB as well as Bluetooth. When connected via a Bluetooth connection, any sort of wires or cables are not required to be attached between the computer and the printer. If you have a Bluetooth enable Canon printer you can change the connection from USB to Bluetooth anytime. For changing the connection between your printer and computer, from USB to Bluetooth, follow the below mentioned steps. If you are not able to do so, you can call on our Canon Printer Customer Care Number @ 1-855-966-3855 anytime to get your issue resolved.

Step 1

Get rid of the USB connection. No new printer drivers need to be added as the existing printers are installed beforehand from the USB connection.

Step 2

Click on the “Start” button on the left bottom-corner of the desktop. Then choose the “Run” option. Subsequently, as small window will pop up.

Step 3

After that, enter “bthprops.cpl” on blank field and then click on “OK” button. Bluetooth setting window will open.

Step 4

Select the “Add” option in this window then click on “My device is set up and ready to be found.” Now, select “Next” option and the system will start scanning for any Bluetooth devices place nearby.

Step 5

Select your Canon Bluetooth printer from the list which comes up and then click on “Next.”  Your printer is now connected to the computer.




If you are not able to create Bluetooth connection between your Canon printer and computer or you are facing any other technical glitch with your Canon printer, you can call on our Canon Printer Customer Care Number : 1-855-966-3855 and get instant support from the experts.