You may ask that “When I am attempting to make another record in Google Docs is utilizing the”Letter” paper measure prevalent in the US”. You realize what you can change settings for each document furthermore, can be changed to “A4”. Setting can be changed with the goal that every single new document are made utilizing A4 and you don’t need to make sure to transform it manually for every time.


Step 1. Create a new document.
Step 2. Press File > Page Setup.
Step 3. Change the page size to A4.
Step 4. Click Set as default.
Step 5. Press OK.


Step 1. First of Pull out paper tray until it stops.
Step 2. Hold the paper tray, and lift from front side slightly and pull it out.
Step 3. Move the side guides/support of printer to their outermost positions and remove the all papers from the printer’s tray.
Step 4. Now it’s time to grip A5 spacer, lift it up, pull it forward and remove from its
position next to paper guide.
Step 5. Insert the A5 spacer into its storage slot in the paper tray. Lift end paper guide to move it, and insert pins at the base of the guide in the holes corresponding to paper size that you want to load.
Step 6. Make it sure carefully that the end guide is properly inserted in the holes for paper size.
Step 7. Align four corners of paper stack and insert paper under the tab.
Step 8. Now align side guides with the edges of the paper.
Step 9. Now hold paper tray properly with both hands and align it with opening in the printer.




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