Lexmark Printer Support

If your Lexmark laser or inkjet printer is printing irregularly, improper colors, or even not working at all, then you have no need to replace the unit or go to a service center for the immediate repair. There are some simple troubleshooting workarounds you can prefer to fix the problems associated with your printer on your own before needing to contact the Lexmark printer support number for a hassle-free solution. Here’s how to do

Step 1 – Check to assure that the AC adapter of your printer is tightly connected to the power outlet and the USB cable is attached to the particular port on your PC. If your wall outlet has stopped operating or the USB cable has gone wicked, then try to plug the AC adapter into another outlet and use a different USB cable at that moment. Raise the top cover of your Lexmark printer and ensure if any paper part is stuck inside the machine and requires being removed physically.

Step 2 – lift up and pull out the plastic cover over the laser toner or ink cartridges. Check the ink or toner alignments. Move them to ensure they are installed appropriately. Snap the cover back into its position.

Step 3 – Check the info on the printer’s LCD screen that displays the status if you’re using a Lexmark laser printer. See if there is a particular error being shown and then check the manual to ensure what steps should be taken to resolve the issue. If you find the ‘Error 80 Scheduled Maintenance’ error, then try to change print head or take your printer to the service center. On the occasion of ‘Error 20,’ then place the toner cartridge. If you get the ‘Error 31’ error, change the cartridge completely.

Step 4 – Restart your computer. Try to print the document again if your PC stopped identifying the printer in the meantime. Click the ‘Start’ menu on the desktop task bar,and then open the Control Panel window. Select the ‘Remove Programs’ option. Remove the Lexmark printer software and drivers you installed while setting up the printer. Find the CD/DVD that supplied with your printer and then insert it into your PC’s disk drive. Continue with the steps on the screen for the Lexmark software re-installation.

Step 5 – Open the Control Panel window again and click the ‘Printers’ icon. Check that your printer is in the list of currently installed machines. Click the ‘Add a Printer’ link if the printer isn’t displaying. Continue with the steps to add the printer. Go back to the Control Panel and then click the ‘Devices’ icon. Click the + sign beside the ‘Printer’ icon, and then right-click the printer name. Click the ‘Settings’ tab, followed by the ‘Drivers’ menu. If any update for the drivers is available, download them.




After trying all such troubleshooting solutions, you can check that your Lexmark printer is functioning correctly or not. To do so, double-click the Lexmark printer icon or navigate it via the Start bar to open the program window. Click the option to print an alignment page and make sure that your printer is working now. If you still have an issue, call the Lexmark customer service number @ 1-855-966-3855 to get the support of experts to resolve the problems instantly.

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