Using the Epson Print CD software, you can easily print the digital versatile disc (DVD) or the compact disc (CD) labels on your Epson Printer. When you obtain your printer, this software comes along with the Epson printer; you just require using a printable CD/DVD for this determination. To print labels with your Epson printer, you can set it up on your PC either getting guidance from the experts of Epson Printer Customer Care or by following the steps given below.

Step 1  Click the ‘Start’ button, point to the ‘All Programs’ section, click the ‘Epson’ tab, followed by the ‘Epson Print CD’ software.

Step 2  When the Epson Print CD window appears, click ‘Inner/Outer Diameter Size’ on the toolbar. If you don’t find the icon for Inner/Outer Diameter Size on the toolbar, hover and hold the mouse pointer over the toolbar icon one after another to find the tool tip showing the icon’s name.

Step 3  Select the CD/DVD label’s diameter that you wish to print by choosing the correct radio button on the dialog box reads like the ‘Inner/Outer Diameter Settings’ that appears and click the ‘OK’ button. Click the ‘Background’ option to choose a background for the CD or DVD label.

Step 4 Click to choose the ‘Set Color’ radio button on the ‘Background Options’ dialog menu to pick a particular color as the CD/DVD label’s background color. Click the ‘Color’ button to select your choice, followed by the ‘OK’ button.

Step 5  On the ‘Background Options’ dialog menu, click to select the ‘Gradation’ radio button if you wish a unique shade of the color. Click ‘Start Color’ button and then choose your selection. Click the ‘End Color’ option and then pick the color of your choice. Click the ‘OK’ button.

Step 6  Click the ‘Image’ radio button to choose an image as the CD/DVD label’s background. Click the ‘Select Image’ option, pick a picture on the ‘Select Image’ dialog menu that displays, and then click the ‘OK’ button.

Step 7  Next, click the ‘File’ tab, followed by the ‘Browse’ section, choose an image stored on your PC, and then click the ‘OK’ button. Click the ‘Image Adjustment’ option, followed by the ‘Template’ tab in the ‘Image Adjustment’ window.

Step 8 Click and drag the photo you selected on the CD shape displayed, and then double-click the ‘OK’ button. Click ‘Text’ icon to insert text into the CD/DVD label, followed by the ‘Text’ tab on the ‘Text Settings’ menu, and then input the text in the ‘Text’ box that you prefer on the CD label.

Step 9  Click ‘Text Settings’ section and then choose the font size and style of your text choice. In the same way, click the ‘Text Color,’ and then choose the text color. Click the ‘OK’ button once you’re finished making the modification to the text.

Step 10  Now, insert the printable CD on which you wish to print the label in the Epson printer’s CD/DVD printing slot. Click the ‘Print’ tab on the toolbar, followed by the ‘Print’ option on the ‘Print’ menu that appears.

However, if you have to encounter any trouble when printing the CD/DVD labels on your Epson printer, it’s highly advisable to call on the Epson Printer Customer Care to obtain necessary help and solutions to fix the issues and print labels with Epson printer smoothly and efficiently.


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